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LindenGrove Long Term Care facility - Case Study with Policy Manager - policy compliance software management systemtudy_Policy_Manager
PSLMC Case Study_Policy Management Software


As a multi-facility, long-term care organization, Linden-Grove’s operations are highly regulated at both the state and federal levels. A couple years ago, LindenGrove leadership recognized that its existing policy management system was failing to keep pace with the needs of its staff in an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

Poplar Bluff Medical Center

Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center initiated its search for a policy management solution in early 2010. As a growing community hospital, Poplar Bluff department managers and executives were increasingly challenged to efficiently update and create policy and procedure documents.

Presbyterian St Luke's Medical Center

As a 680-bed hospital with more than 80 care specialties, Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center (PSLMC) has a substantial volume of policies and procedures to manage and update. A few years ago, PSLMC began the process of migrating paper policies to electronic format and placing them on a facility-wide intranet.