Life Safety and Interim Life Safety Management Manual

MCN Healthcare offers you key policies, procedures and forms to meet regulatory compliance in one easy-to-use volume for life safety and interim life safety. Policies in the Life Safety and Interim Life Safety Management Manual reflect Joint Commission and NIAHO Environment of Care and Life Safety standards. This manual Includes testing, inspection and maintenance policies and forms for fire protection systems…. and much more!

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Table of Contents - TJC StandardsTable of Contents - NIAHO StandardsCopyrightDisclaimerApproval/Signature SheetIntroduction
1001 - Life Safety Management Plan1001A - CMS Categorical Waivers for National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 101 Life Safety Code (LSC)1002 - Life Safety Summaries1003 - Sample Fire Safety Organizational Chart1004 - Fire Safety Chain of Command - Key Personnel1005 - Fire Safety - Responsibilities of Department Managers and Supervisors1006 - Fire Safety - Staff Responsibilities for General Fire Prevention1007 - Evacuation1008 - Fire Safety - Hazards1009 - Alcohol-Based Hand Rub (ABHR) - Gel (Placement and Permissible Volumes)1010 - Materials or Equipment Purchases1011 - Fire Safety - Smoking Policy1012 - FDA Safety Tips for Clinical Staff for the Prevention of Fires Caused by Hospital Beds1013 - FDA Safety Tips for Equipment Maintenance Staff (Plant Services/ Biomedical Equipment) for the Prevention of Fires Caused by Hospital Beds1013A - Corridor Wall Mounted Technologies and Other Items1014 - Types of Fire Extinguishers1015 - Use of a Fire Extinguisher1016 - Fire Safety - General Instructions1017 - Fire Safety - Business Office1018 - Fire Safety - Cardiopulmonary Department, Cardiac Rehab and Cardiology1019 - Fire Safety - Central Service1020 - Fire Safety - Clinical Laboratory Services1021 - Fire Safety - Emergency Department1022 - Fire Safety - Engineering Department1023 - Fire Safety - Environmental Services1024 - Fire Safety - Imaging Services1025 - Fire Safety - Materials Management1026 - Fire Safety - Health Information Management1027 - Fire Safety - Nursing Department/Service1028 - Fire Safety - Nutritional Services1029 - Fire Safety - Obstetrics, Delivery Rooms and Nursery1030 - Fire Safety - Pharmacy Services1031 - Fire Safety - Rehabilitation Services1032 - Fire Safety - Special Care Units1033 - Fire Safety - Anesthetizing Locations1034 - Fire Safety in an Oxygen Rich Environment - Operating Room (Includes Lasers and ESU)1035 - Operating Room Risk Assessment and Preventive Measures Checklist1036 - Fire Safety - Switchboard1037 - Fire Safety - Volunteers, Students, Non-Staff Personnel1038 - Fire Drill Policy1039 - Fire Drill Evaluation Form1040 - Summary of Fire Drills1041 - Fire Protection Systems - Inspecting, Testing and Maintaining Guidelines1042 - Fire Alarm System Testing and Inspection1043 - Fire Alarm System Check Form1044 - Smoke Detector - Inspection Procedures1045 - Smoke Detector Test Form1046 - Location of Fire Safety Smoke Detectors1047 - Fire Alarm Pull Station Test1048 - Pull Station Test Form1049 - Fire Alarm System - Monitoring and Testing1050 - Fire Alarm Monitor Test Form1051 - Fire Door Inspection1052 - Fire Door Inspection Form1053 - Door Latch Inspection Form1054 - Fire Extinguishing System Check Form1055 - Sprinkler Drop Test1056 - Sprinkler Drop Test Form1057 - Fire Control Valves1058 - Fire Sprinkler System Repair1059 - Fire Hydrant Inspection1060 - Fire Extinguisher Check1061 - Fire Extinguisher Log1062 - Fire and Smoke Dampers Inspection1063 - Testing of Main Drains1064 - Testing of Fire Pumps1065 - Emergency Lighting and Power - Annual Inspections1066 - Evaluation Form - Emergency Lighting and Power Systems1067 - Testing of Emergency Generators1068 - Emergency Power Supply System and Stored Emergency Power Supply Systems1069 - Piped Medical Gas System Testing1070 - Safety/EOC Committee - Life Safety - PI Monitoring and Evaluation Plan1071 - Safety/EOC Committee - Life Safety - PI Trending Sheet1072 - Safety/EOC Committee - Life Safety - PI Outcome Evaluation1073 - Safety/EOC Committee - Life Safety - PI Volume Measures/Statistics1074 - Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Life Safety/Fire Safety Plan/Program (Every 12 Months)1075 - Life Safety Code Compliance1076 - Interim Life Safety Measures (ILSMs)1077 - Risk Assessment Program1078 - Risk Assessment - Hazard Analysis Worksheet for Construction/ Renovation1079 - Life Safety - New Construction1080 - Life Safety - Construction Suitability1081 - Building and Fire Protection Features1082 - Corridor Door Gaps1083 - Maintaining the Means of Egress1084 - Required Fire Protection of Hazardous Areas Form1085 - Provision and Maintenance of Building Features1086 - Transmission of Fire Alarms1086A - Antifreeze in Sprinkler Systems1087 - Automatic Sprinkler Systems - General Inspection Form1088 - Sprinkler Heads1089 - Limited Area Sprinkler Systems1090 - Location of Fire Extinguishers1091 - Fire Extinguishers - Kitchen1092 - Kitchen Hood Automatic Fire Extinguishing System1093 - Special Building Features1094 - Fireplaces1095 - New Elevators1096 - Linen and Waste Chutes - General Inspection Form1097 - Holiday Decorations1097A - Holiday Decoration Safety Checklist1098 - Linen and Trash Receptacles1099 - Portable Space Heaters1100 - Building and Fire Protection Features (Anesthesia and Outpatient Services)1101 - Maintaining Means of Egress (Anesthesia and Outpatient Services)1102 - Retractable Computer Desks (Anesthesia and Outpatient Services)1103 - Maintaining Building Features - Protection from the Hazard of Fire and Smoke (Anesthesia and Outpatient Services)1104 - Fire Alarm System (Anesthesia and Outpatient Services)1105 - Automatic Sprinkler Systems (Anesthesia and Outpatient Services) - General Inspection Form1106 - Limited Area Sprinkler Systems (Anesthesia and Outpatient Services)1107 - Location of Fire Extinguishers (Anesthesia and Outpatient Services)1108 - Special Building Features (Anesthesia and Outpatient Services)1109 - New Elevators (Anesthesia and Outpatient Services)1110 - Portable Space Heaters (Anesthesia and Outpatient Services)1111 - Heating Appliances (Anesthesia and Outpatient Services)