Pain Management Policy and Procedure Manual

The Pain Management Policy and Procedure Manual provides policies, procedures and documents needed for a complete Pain Management Program. This manual meets the Joint Commission’s and NIAHO’s pain management standards. Decrease the time spent in policy and plan development. We have done the work for you!

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ChangesTable of Contents - TJC, NIAHO standardsCopyrightDisclaimerApproval/Signature SheetIntroduction
3001 - Admission to Pain Management Program3002 - Care Planning3003 - Pain Management Treatment Plan3004 - Invasive Procedure Site Identification (Outside of the OR)3005 - Medication and Solution Administration - Invasive Procedures3006 - Discharge from Pain Management Program3007 - Pain - Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA)3008 - Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) - Sample Physician's Orders Form3009 - Postoperative Epidural Narcotic Continuous Infusion - Sample Physician's Orders Form3010 - Nursing Procedure for Intermittent, Continuous and PCA Infusions via Epidural Catheter3011 - PCA Follow-Up Visit Form3012 - Cryo-Neurolysis3013 - Monitoring and Infusion Protocols for Patients Receiving Epidural Analgesia3014 - Epidural Analgesia for Chronic Pain Management - Continuous Infusion3015 - Pain Management Infusion Flowsheet3016 - Protocol for the Administration of Epidural Anesthesia for OB Patients3017 - Postoperative Epidural Narcotic (Continuous Infusion Mode)3018 - Epidural Catheter Dressing Changes3019 - Removal of Epidural Catheter3020 - Hypertonic Saline Injection for Neurolysis3021 - Intravenous Local Anesthetic Infusion Protocol3022 - Intravenous Local Anesthetic Infusion Procedure3023 - Lumbar Sympathetic Nerve Block3024 - Phenol for Use in Nerve Blocks3025 - Trigger Point Injection3026 - Epidural Steroid Injection3027 - Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)3028 - Pain Management in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit for Nursing Services3029 - Standard of Care - PACU Services - Postoperative Pain Management3030 - Management of Hypotension in (Post) Pain Management Patients3031 - Pain Management in Skilled Nursing Patients3032 - Guidelines for Pain Management in the Terminal Patient3033 - Pain Management in Home Health Services3034 - Pain Management Therapy for Infusion Therapy Services3035 - Intraspinal Pain Management Therapy - Infusion Therapy Services3036 - Pharmacy Plan of Care - Pain - Infusion Therapy Services3037 - Patient Pain Relief Log3038 - Pain Management Home Log3039 - Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Guidelines3040 - Analgesic Use for Pain Management3041 - Clinical Medical Tips for Prescribing Opioids