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Pediatric Unit Policy and Procedure Manual

Pediatric Unit Policy and Procedure Manual is a manual containing many of our policy and procedure templates for the medical office, hospital, and other healthcare organizations. The policies cover: Joint Commission (JCAHO or TJC) • CMS • HIPAA • CDC • AAAHC and more.

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Patient Care
Ambulating PatientAuthorization for AutopsyBedpan or UrinalBlind Patient - Care and ConsiderationBlood Glucose MonitoringBlood/Blood Components - Patient's Guide to Blood TransfusionsBlood/Blood Component - Informed ConsentBlood/Blood Component Transfusion Consent FormBlood/Blood Components - Refusal of Blood/Blood ComponentsRefusal to Permit Blood/Blood Component TransfusionBlood/Blood Components - Type/Holder Orders, CrossmatchBlood Transfusion - Sepacell ProtocolBlood/Blood Components - Transfusion OrdersBlood Transfusion RecordBlood/Blood Components - TransfusionBlood/Blood Components - Transfusion: Albumin and Plasma Protein Fraction (PPF)Blood/Blood Components - Transfusion: CryoprecipitateBlood/Blood Components - Transfusion: Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)Blood/Blood Components - Transfusion: Gamma GlobulinBlood/Blood Components - Transfusion: GranulocytesBlood/Blood Components - Transfusion: PlateletsBlood/Blood Components - Transfusion: Prothrombin ComplexBlood/Blood Components - Transfusion: Deglycerolized or Washed Red Blood CellsBlood/Blood Components - Transfusion: Factor VIIIBlood/Blood Components - Transfusion: Whole Blood and Packed CellsBlood/Blood Components - Transfusion ReactionsChecking Blood/Blood Components From Blood BankBuck's Extension, Application ofCardiopulmonary ResuscitationCardiopulmonary Resuscitation ProtocolCardiopulmonary Arrest RecordChest Tube Drainage CareCircumcisionCode Blue PagingCode Blue Evaluation FormColostomy - IrrigationCrash CartsCrash Cart Security and AccountabilityCrash Cart and Defibrillator Check Signature FormContents of Pediatrics Crash CartContents of Adult Crash CartCritical Tests and Critical Results and Values ReportingCytotoxic Agents, Administration ofPressure Ulcer Prevention ProgramPressure Sore Flow SheetDefibrillatorDenver Shunt - Routine CareDressing Change - SurgicalDressing Change - Wet to DryThe Dying Patient, Care ofEmergency MedicationsEmergency Medications ListEnteral Tube FeedingFoley Catheter Insertion - Female PatientFoley Catheter Insertion - Male PatientFood-Drug Interaction Notification and CounselingGastrostomy TubeGastrostomy/Nasogastric FeedingHeelstickHemoccult TestingHeparin AdministrationIntake and OutputInvasive Procedure Site IdentificationLaboratory Specimens - Collection and CareLumbar PunctureNasogastric Tube InsertionNasopharynx CultureOrders - TranscriptionOrders - Verification Throughout the ShiftOstomy Pouch/Urinary Device - ApplicationOxygen by Face MaskOxygen by Nasal CannulaPediatric Oxygen TentPatient Preparation for Radiology Studies - PediatricsParasitic Skin DiseasesPediatric Patients in the OR (Parent Present During Induction)Pediculosis - TreatmentPostmortem CarePostoperative CarePrevention of Tubing/Catheter MisconnectionsRestraint Use for the Management of Nonviolent, Non-Self Destructive BehaviorSeizures - Nursing ManagementSittersSputum Specimen CollectionSuctioning Infant - Bulb SyringeSuctioning - Naso-OropharyngealThroat Culture CollectionTracheostomy CareTracheostomy - SuctioningTractionTransferring Patient to a WheelchairTransportation of Patients by Gurney/CribTransportation of Patients by WheelchairUrine Specific GravityUrine Specimen for Culture - MidstreamUrine Specimen from a Foley CatheterWaived Testing
Position Description/Performance Evaluation - Pediatric Unit Nurse ManagerPerformance Evaluation - Population-Specific/Age-Related Competency - Pediatric Unit Nurse ManagerAnnual Competency Clinical Skills Assessment - Pediatric Unit Nurse ManagerPosition Description/Performance Evaluation - Pediatric Registered NursePerformance Evaluation - Population-Specific/Age-Related Competency - Pediatric Registered NurseAnnual Competency Clinical Skills Assessment - Pediatric Registered NursePosition Description/Performance Evaluation - Pediatric LPN/LVNPerformance Evaluation - Population-Specific/Age-Related Competency - Pediatric LPN/LVNAnnual Competency Clinical Skills Assessment - Pediatric LPN/LVNPosition Description/Performance Evaluation - Pediatric Nursing AssistantPerformance Evaluation - Population-Specific/Age-Related Competency - Pediatric Nursing AssistantAnnual Competency Clinical Skills Assessment - Pediatric Nursing AssistantPosition Description/Performance Evaluation - Pediatric Unit SecretaryPerformance Evaluation - Population-Specific/Age-Related Competency - Pediatric Unit SecretaryAnnual Competency Skills Assessment - Pediatric Unit SecretaryAnnual Competency - 2012 Joint Commission National Patient Safety GoalsOrientation and InserviceBlood Glucose Monitoring Competency ChecklistUse of Seclusion and Restraint Application/Removal Competency Checklist - Acute Medical/Surgical SettingIV Certification Requirements for RNs and LPNs/LVNsIV Certified Licensed Practical/Vocational NursesCPR/PALS/ACLS Nursing Staff Requirements - Code Blue TeamAttendance, Scheduling Nursing Department Personnel Guidelines/Restrictions