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Provision of Care, Treatment and Services Manual

MCN's Provision of Care, Treatment and Services Manual provides over 320 ready-to-implement policies, procedures and forms. This all-inclusive manual was specifically developed to help you meet the Joint Commission’s Provision of Care standards, as well as applicable NIAHO standards, in one comprehensive volume. Everything you need to meet the Provision of Care standards from assessments to restraints is included. Transplant Safety and Waived Testing policies are also addressed.

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Table of Contents - TJC, NIAHO standardsTable of Contents - JCI standardsCopyrightDisclaimerApproval/Signature SheetIntroduction
Assessment and Reassessment
1101 - Provision of Care, Treatment and Services - Assessment and Reassessment1102 - Initial Patient Assessment and Reassessment1103 - Admission Assessment Form1104 - Patient Medication Information/Reconciliation1105 - Patient Medication Information/Reconciliation Form1106 - Care of the Latex Sensitive Patient1107 - Latex Allergy Assessment Form1108 - Assessment and Reassessment - Intensive Care Patient1109 - Assessment and Reassessment - Medical Surgical Patient1110 - Assessment and Reassessment - Pediatric Patient1111 - Pediatric Assessment Form (Newborn - 18 Months)1112 - Pediatric Assessment Form (18 Months - 4 Years)1113 - Pediatric Assessment Form (5 - 11 Years)1114 - Pediatric Assessment Form (12 - 21 Years)1115 - Preadmission - Patient Assessment1116 - Assessment and Reassessment - Surgical Patient1117 - Assessment and Reassessment - Ambulatory Procedures1118 - Assessment and Reassessment - Cardiopulmonary Patient1119 - Cardiopulmonary Clinical Assessment Form1120 - Assessment and Reassessment - Emergency Department1121 - Emergency Department Initial Nursing Assessment Form1122 - Admission and Assessment - Postpartum Patient1123 - Neonatal Assessments for High-Risk Psychosocial Issues1124 - Nutritional Screening/Monitoring1125 - Patient Nutritional Levels - Definition1126 - Nutritional Assessment of Patients by the Registered Dietitian1127 - Nutritional Assessment Form1128 - Prioritization of Nutritional Consult1129 - Nutritional Screening - Perinatal Patient1130 - Nutritional Screening - Ambulatory Patient1131 - Functional Assessment and Reassessment of the Patient1132 - Initial Patient Assessment - Rehabilitation Services1133 - Initial Patient Assessment Summary Form - Rehabilitation Services1134 - Daily Treatment and Functional Assessment Form - Rehabilitation Services1135 - Psychosocial, Spiritual and Cultural Beliefs and Values1136 - History and Physical - Surgical Services1137 - Standards of Practice - General Nursing1138 - Standards of Practice - ICU/CCU1139 - Standards of Practice - Maternal Child Health1140 - Standards of Practice - Surgical Services1141 - Position Description/Performance Evaluation - Medical Surgical Unit Registered Nurse
Restraint and Seclusion - Review of Standards for Hospitals That Do Not Use Joint Commission Accreditation for Deemed Status Purposes
Discharge or Transfer from the Organization
4001 - Provision of Care, Treatment and Services - Discharge or Transfer from the Organization4002 - Discharge Planning4003 - Social Service/Discharge Planning Screening4004 - Discharge Planning Assessment/Evaluation Form4005 - Social Service/Discharge Planning - Medicare/Medicaid Patients4006 - Discharge Planning When No Family Available4007 - Referrals to the Public Guardian's Office4008 - Probate Conservatorship Guidelines4009 - Transfer of Patients In-House4010 - Transfer Summary and Certification4011 - Transfer Summary and Certification Form4012 - Patient Transfers - Documentation in the Medical Record4013 - Patient Transfer to Another Facility - Interfacility4014 - Patient Transfers - Skilled Units/Intrafacility4015 - Managed Care Transfers into the Facility from Noncontracted Providers4016 - Discharge Planning Documentation by Outside Case Manager from Managed Care Providers4017 - Discharging a Patient to a Skilled Nursing Facility4018 - Maternal/Fetal Transport4019 - Equipment for Maternal/Fetal Transport List4020 - Transfer Request/Refusal/Consent to Transfer Form4021 - Maternal Consultation - Receiving Transfer Record Form4022 - Transferring an Inpatient to a County Hospital4023 - Home Health Referral4024 - Social Service Resources4025 - Community Resources4026 - Community Resources List for Patients and Families4027 - Outpatient Post-Op Instructions and Physician's Orders Form4028 - Emergency Department Aftercare Instruction Sheet Form4029 - Infant Teaching and Discharge Plan Form4030 - Utilization Management Plan