Wound Management Policy and Procedure Manual

MCN’s Wound Management Policy and Procedure Manual covers all aspects of wound management, including acute and chronic wounds, ostomy care, the appropriate selection and utilization of topical therapies including dressings, nutritional factors, pain assessment and management, patient positioning and support surfaces and patient/family education. MCN’s policies, procedures and forms are easy-to-customize and meet TJC’s standards.

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Patient Care Procedures
2101 - Care Planning2102 - Patient Identification for Clinical Care and Treatment2103 - "Hand-Off" Communication2104 - Bed with a Cradle2105 - Diabetic Neuropathic Foot Ulcers2106 - Monofilament Test2107 - Vibratory Test2108 - Dressing Change - Surgical2109 - Dressing Change - Wet-to-Dry2110 - The Dying Patient - Care of 2111 - End of Life Issues2112 - Enzymatic Debridement2113 - Emergency Wound Management2114 - Eggcrate Mattress Use2115 - Invasive Procedure Site Identification2116 - Logrolling2117 - Management of Pressure Ulcers2118 - Management of Pressure Ulcers: Overview Flowchart2119 - Managing Bacterial Colonization and Infection Flowchart2120 - Ulcer Care: Overview Flowchart2121 - Pressure Ulcer Prevention Program2122 - Positioning Guidelines2123 - Management of Urine/Fecal Incontinence2124 - Pulse - Femoral2125 - Pulse - Pedal Pulse, Dorsalis Pedis and Posterior Tibialis2126 - Pulse - Popliteal2127 - Postoperative Ostomy Care2128 - Ostomy Care - Changing the Pouching System2129 - Pulsed Lavage2130 - Removing Tape from a Patient's Skin2131 - Skin Tears2132 - Turning and Repositioning of the Immobile Patient2133 - Transparent Film Dressings2134 - Support Surfaces2135 - Management of Tissue Loads Flowchart2136 - Wound Dressings - Selection and Types2137 - Use of Clinical Alarms on Medical Equipment2138 - Arterial Ulcers2139 - Venous Ulcers2140 - Whirlpool Debridement (Hydrotherapy) 2141 - Whirlpool Area Safety2142 - Whirlpool Cleaning2143 - Wound Cleaning2144 - Wound Cultures