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2007 - Anesthesia Apparatus Checklist Form

About this Document

2007 - Anesthesia Apparatus Checklist Form is one of many policies and procedure templates within OSHA Compliance Manual written for the medical office, hospital, and other healthcare organizations. The policies cover: Joint Commission (JCAHO or TJC) • CMS • HIPAA • CDC • AAAHC and more.

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Sample Content From 2007 - Anesthesia Apparatus Checklist Form

Snippets are randomly selected, unformatted passages from the Microsoft Word policy template.


Anesthesia Equipment/Supplies:
 Appropriate masks, breathing system, head strap available
 Appropriate airways
 Laryngoscopes and blades tested
 Appropriate tracheal tubes available with functioning cuffs
 Stylet available
 Availability of bottled inhalation anesthetics
 Appropriate hypnotics and muscle relaxants available
 Availability of emergency medications
 Availability of appropriate IV fluids
 Stethoscope

Second Snippet

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Recommendations, 1993, http://www.osha.gov/dts/osta/anestheticgases/index.html#Appendix2,
last accessed March 2013