Pharmaceutical Services Policy And Procedure Manual

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Pharmaceutical Services Policy And Procedure Manual
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6151 - Drug Inventory Control

About this Document

6151 - Drug Inventory Control is one of many policies and procedure templates within Pharmaceutical Services Policy And Procedure Manual written for the medical office, hospital, and other healthcare organizations. The policies cover: Joint Commission (JCAHO or TJC) • CMS • HIPAA • CDC • AAAHC and more.

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Sample Content From 6151 - Drug Inventory Control

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Policies and procedures are designed to ensure the safe and accurate ordering,
dispensing, administering and monitoring of medications throughout the hospital.

Second Snippet

High-risk drugs are those drugs listed by category and specifically in
the High Alert Medication Management policy and procedure.
Concentrations of high-risk drugs are standardized and strictly
limited throughout the organization. Commercially prepared
premixes of high-risk drugs will be procured whenever possible.
Single-dose containers will be used when possible.