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Dialysis Policy and Procedure Manual
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8044 - Pre-Dialysis Nursing Assessment

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8044 - Pre-Dialysis Nursing Assessment is one of many policies and procedure templates within Dialysis Policy and Procedure Manual written for the medical office, hospital, and other healthcare organizations. The policies cover: Joint Commission (JCAHO or TJC) • CMS • HIPAA • CDC • AAAHC and more.

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Sample Content From 8044 - Pre-Dialysis Nursing Assessment

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The Dialysis Services Staff RN will perform a nursing assessment before initiating dialysis.

Second Snippet

General condition of the patient:
Patient sensorium
Skin color, turgor, integrity
Breath sounds
Patient complaints
Predialysis weight
Pulse and respiration apical and peripheral pulses
Blood pressure setting and standing
Vascular access
Psychosocial assessment and plan: