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Can We Help ‘Solve’ Sepsis Together?  The Economics of Sepsis


Wednesday, October 16, 2019 2pm-2:45pm EST





There is no way to adequately assess or quantify the personal suffering and tragedy of sepsis. But healthcare institutions do strive to be effective and efficient – for the very reason of continuous improvement. This webinar takes a different look at sepsis – how institutions may more practically assess economic costs for the purpose of effective care.


David Kulick, MPH

David Kulick is founder and Managing Director of The Focus Group – a management consulting firm focusing on high impact growth, commercialization, and policy within healthcare. He concentrates on market research and strategy to inform advanced delivery models, risk payment structures, and population health primarily for medical device/life science companies, providers, payers, and private equity. He has worked on growth strategies and organizational sustainability across the U.S. and 15 countries. David earned his MPH from Tulane University and Bachelors in Chemistry from the University at Buffalo. He has worked on the ground with vulnerable populations as an AmeriCorps Volunteer and then with the U.S. Peace Corps in South Africa. David has also worked in various contexts on healthcare implementation and development on the global scale including Ebola response with the WHO in the West Africa epidemic, and on broad multinational HIV/AID projects across sub-Saharan Africa with USAID.





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