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AABB and American Red Cross Warn of Critical Blood Supply Shortage

AABB and American Red Cross Warn of Critical Blood Supply Shortage

AABB, America’s Blood Centers and the American Red Cross have issued a critical appeal for blood and platelet donors across the country. With the nation’s blood supply facing significantly low inventory levels, the blood community encourages individuals throughout the U.S. to schedule an appointment to donate today.

Summer is always a challenging time for blood centers to ensure an adequate blood supply due to donors taking vacations and schools being out of session. Despite the season, the need for blood remains constant and patients continue to depend on the generosity of blood donors to meet that need. All blood types are needed.

Further, according to a news release from the American Hospital Association, AABB has made the following recommendations for hospitals with regards to their blood inventories:

  • Hospitals should be “highly vigilant” with their blood inventories especially type O negative red blood cells and AB plasma, as these products are in short supply this summer.
  • Hospitalsshould reserve AB plasma for blood group AB patients with definitive transfusion needs.
  • In instances when type O negative red blood cells and AB plasma are used as part of a massive transfusion protocol for patients of unknown blood type, every effort should be made to obtain a blood type for the patient as soon as possible.



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