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Achieve Safety and Compliance in Your Healthcare Organization

Achieve Safety and Compliance in Your Healthcare Organization


Ensuring safety and compliance across your healthcare organization can depend on policies, procedures, and standards of conduct set forth for employees to follow. But often, finding the time to ensure compliance can pose a consistent challenge for many organizations, as document management, monitoring regulations, and educating staff can turn into ongoing tasks that reduce time spent focusing on patient care.


At MCN Healthcare, our holistic suite of solutions are designed to make compliance and safety part of the fabric of your healthcare organization. Policy Manager, StayAlert!, and StayAlert! Plus keep you organized and compliant with changing regulations. You’ll also gain access to more than 18,000 customizable policies/procedures with Policy Library, making it easy to quickly update policies and write new policies when needed. We understand that organization-wide compliance is achieved through open lines of communication, well-enforced standards, and internal monitoring on all fronts, so we have incorporated the competency feature in Policy Manager where you can educate staff on new and updated policies. You can also use MCN’s learning management system to provide education to staff and track educational requirements.


Where typical policy management requires hours of time tracking regulations, updating policies, and informing organization-wide staff, MCN Healthcare’s document management and compliance solutions seamlessly integrate safety and compliance into your daily operations. At MCN, we recognize that patients are your first priority, and we’ll do everything to help you provide them the quality care they deserve. Schedule a demo today! 



Regulatory Compliance Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

Our comprehensive compliance suite includes:

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