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Advantages of Using EBSCO’s Dynamic Health with Policy Manager

Advantages of Using EBSCO’s Dynamic Health with Policy Manager


Our mission has always been to improve the quality of care at healthcare organizations across the globe and with that directive, we’ve partnered EBSCO, integrating Dynamic Health™ seamlessly with Policy Manager! 


Policy Manager’s secure web-based, customizable document management software is the most efficient policy management solution available for healthcare professionals. Now featuring Dynamic Health™, a collection of current, actionable and evidence-based skills as well as corresponding skills competency checklists designed to help nurses and allied health professionals mastering critical clinical skills, our solution boasts the best resource for policy management. With Policy Manager and Dynamic Health™: 


  • Content is systematically reviewed and updated to ensure accuracy and reflect best practices. 
  • Robust document control workflows streamline policy access, review, approval and attestation throughout your organization. 
  • Manager-assigned competencies track your staff’s knowledge of policies and procedures. 
  • Automated tracking and reporting ensure audit and accreditation compliance.
  • Consolidate resources and save time with access to the cloud.


Healthcare organizations have a variety of responsibilities on a daily basis. Remove the worry of policy management and compliance amongst your staff and take the first step toward improving the quality of patient care at your healthcare organization with Policy Manager.



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