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The Benefits of Technology in Healthcare

The Benefits of Technology in Healthcare

Healthcare professionals face many challenges on a daily basis. They have to ensure they’re meeting regulatory compliance, staying up to date with educational requirements, and finding time to update and write new policies and procedures. They do all of this and provide patient care.


Did you know:

  • The average-sized community hospital with 161 beds spends about $7.6 million in administrative costs per year. For hospitals that include post-acute care, that figure rises to about $9 million annually.
  • More than 80% of the cost associated with healthcare compliance can be attributed to staff salaries, as healthcare organizations need employees to handle regulatory reporting, policy management, and other compliance responsibilities.
  • The total cost of healthcare regulatory compliance for the average-sized hospital is about $47,000 per bed, or $1,200 per patient.


Juggling all the responsibilities that come with the healthcare industry can be a demanding task for any healthcare professional. At MCN Healthcare, we’re proud to help deliver technological advancements so healthcare organizations across the globe can improve their quality of patient care. Our suite of regulatory compliance solutions provide your team of professionals the means to efficiently manage policies, procedures, and staff education.


Our solutions seamlessly integrate your organization’s processes and procedures to enhance regulatory awareness, policy management and creation, staff education, and contract management. Developed with more than 30 years of experience in healthcare, our comprehensive solutions ensure compliance and a higher quality of care across your entire organization. Not only do our solutions give you the means to keep tabs on all regulations, policies, and procedures, but they help reduce the extra-time typically associated with meeting compliance. 


  • Policy Manager: A document control, workflow management software that automates policy access, review, approval, and attestation throughout your organization, making it easier to ensure compliance and give your staff access the most current policies and procedures.
  • Policy Library: Efficiently develop new policies or review existing ones. With more than 18,000 customizable documents, it is the largest policy and procedure template library available on the market.
  • StayAlert!: Keep your healthcare organization compliance ready with email notifications that provide a review of key compliance-related information for your staff around the clock.
  • StayAlert! Plus: Gain advanced regulatory awareness with a seamlessly combined solution. StayAlert! Plus integrates the StayAlert! notification system with Policy Manager to provide relevant matches between your notices and your policies and procedures.
  • Contract Manager: Our software for contract management simplifies and automates the process of creating, editing, approving and signing contracts, as well as keeps your staff updated with notifications reminding you when existing contracts are coming up for renewal.
  • eLearning: Easily plan and create courses and quizzes, make assignments, track progress, and report on education activities in a web-based platform that helps keep your staff compliant.


At MCN Healthcare, we remain leaders in helping healthcare organizations meet compliance across the globe. Learn more about how our solutions can help you make a difference in patient safety. 



Regulatory Compliance Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

Our comprehensive compliance suite includes:

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