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We’re Celebrating Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week!

We’re Celebrating Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week!

This week, we’re proud to celebrate Corporate Compliance and Ethics Week and all the healthcare professionals that work hard to promote a culture of safety and compliance in their organization. Healthcare compliance is the ongoing process of meeting the legal, ethical, and professional standards that apply to organizations and providers. As such, healthcare organizations must develop effective policies and procedures for staff conduct and patient care.


Healthcare administrators, compliance officers, and executives are all responsible for creating a program that helps maintain compliance amongst staff. However, it’s also important to note that every employee is responsible in their own way for healthcare compliance, and the success of the compliance program. Members of the organization should be knowledgeable of regulatory requirements and report any compliance concerns they have to their Compliance Officer or Compliance Hotline.


Our suite of software solutions designed specifically for healthcare professionals can help your organization seamlessly integrate safety and regulatory compliance into its processes and procedures. Give your team the means to provide a greater standard of care for patients by reducing the time needed to search for policies, manually update policies because of regulatory changes, and create new policies. Our suite of solutions ensures your healthcare organization is prepared.


  • Policy Library– Choose from an in-depth library of 18,000 customizable policies and procedures and lay the foundation for compliance in your organization.
  • Policy Manager– Easily search, update, and manage your policies at the click of a button!
  • StayAlert!– Receive regulatory notifications and tools delivered to your inbox, and update policies accordingly to keep your healthcare organization current with the latest changes in regulatory compliance. 
  • StayAlert! Plus– Integrate the StayAlert! Notification System with Policy Manager to match alerts with relevant policies and easily take action.
  • Contract Manager– Track, manage, and control your healthcare organization’s contracts.
  • eLearning–  Transition from paper-based staff education systems to a web-based learning management solution that’s affordable and simple.


At MCN Healthcare, we remain leaders in helping healthcare organizations meet compliance across the globe. Learn more about how our solutions can help you make a difference in patient safety. 



Regulatory Compliance Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

Our comprehensive compliance suite includes:

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