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Why Compliance and Risk Leaders Choose MCN Healthcare

MCN Healthcae Helps Compliance Leaders

Why Compliance and Risk Leaders Choose MCN Healthcare


Healthcare has experienced monumental shifts over the past few decades. Gone are the days of extended hospital stays and paper medical records. Advances in healthcare have presented the population with state-of-the-art medical facilities, patient-centered care, and electronic medical records systems.


Today, there are more patients to see, more diseases to treat, and more legal and business hoops to jump through than at any time in history. We have seen remarkable results in The Six Domains of Health Care Quality developed by the Institute of Medicine (six aims for the health care system):

  1. Safe
  2. Effective
  3. Patient-centered
  4. Timely
  5. Efficient and
  6. Equitable.


MCN Healthcare has been there every step of the way. Healthcare leaders turn to MCN for their policy management and compliance needs because of the company’s rich history in the healthcare industry, intimate understanding of the challenges facing healthcare providers and administrators, and relentless pursuit of technologies and tools that solve real-life problems plaguing the industry.


Born and Bred in Healthcare

Founded three decades ago by two Emergency Room nurses, MCN’s initial charge was to provide hospitals with a single source of all the latest policies and procedures since at the time there was no such repository. As digital technologies advanced and healthcare organizations’ policy and procedure needs evolved, the demands of the industry radically shifted.


Today, MCN Healthcare offers a fully integrated Document Compliance Software Solutions featuring:

  • Policy Manager – a robust document control workflow management software solution that automates policy access, review, approval and attestation throughout your organization.
  •  Policy Library – the most comprehensive policy library on the market, with more than 18,000 customizable policy, procedure and forms authored by MCN clinical staff and regulatory experts.
  • StayAlert! and StayAlert! Plus – the only automated alerting and notification solution designed to keep healthcare compliance professionals up to date on regulatory updates, warnings, and alerts.
  • A robust learning management system (LMS) – designed specifically for new and continuing education for hospital staff that also provides a digital audit trail of educational achievement to comply with industry and government regulatory standards.
  • Contract Manager – software designed to help healthcare organizations manage hundreds of contracts efficiently and securely from a single location.


“With Policy Manager, MCN Healthcare has provided us a policy management system that’s light years ahead of what we had previously. Every part of the process, from locating policies to tracking them through approval and beyond, can now be done faster and more accurately than

Brenda Bell, Assistant to the CNO, Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center


The comprehensive capabilities and intuitive design of MCN’s Document Compliance Software Solutions makes it the preferred tool for many health organizations – because it’s easy and efficient. The Policy Library alone saves staff countless hours by giving them a head start on creating new policies and procedures with customizable templates. Policy Manager provides an automated workflow process to edit, update and approve policies in one seamless process.


Our People Are the Difference

But the technology isn’t the only reason healthcare policy, risk, and compliance leaders use MCN. Unlike other policy automation software providers who are often content to leave customers to fend for themselves after their software is implemented, MCN Healthcare provides each customer with a dedicated support team to provide advice, guidance, and hands-on troubleshooting before, during, and long after your solution has been implemented.


From pre-deployment planning and high-touch support during implementation, to availability of training and education long after the solution goes live, our Customer Experience team exists solely to ensure our customers get the support they need to derive the greatest value from their investment in MCN Healthcare.


“The implementation process can seem intimidating as you look at the thousands of policies you need to import. But MCN walks you through it step by step. The whole process runs like a well-oiled machine.”
-Denise Appel, Policy & Procedure Coordinator, Meritus Medical Center


We aim to develop a personal, one-on-one relationship with you. We want to know your pain points to ensure product and process experts are available to you. There is always someone to help you at MCN Healthcare.


MCN Healthcare isn’t just another software provider competing in multiple industries hoping to capitalize on the increasing challenges facing the healthcare industry. Our solutions, tools, and processes are specifically for the healthcare industry developed by healthcare professionals who’ve lived and breathed the very demands your team faces today.


We’re with you every step of the way.


Learn how a comprehensive Document Compliance Management Solution can transform your organization.


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