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Automate And Simplify Your Contract Management Process

Track, Manage And Control Your Contracts Using MCN’s Contract Manager 

Robust Search Functionality

Automation of the Contract Approval Workflow Process

Create, Edit and Approve All Contracts

Designate User Permissions In a Secure System

Online Collaboration and Negotiation

Include the Right Signatories at Crucial Points

Stay on Top of Critical Deadlines

All Hosting and Tech Support Provided by MCN Healthcare

Online Access 24/7

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    Contract Manager Demo

    Automate And Simplify Your Contract Management Process

    Your healthcare organization relies on the legal protection of contracts — whether it’s a vendor or an employee contract, or an agreement between patient and provider. With MCN Healthcare’s Contract Manager, healthcare organizations have a full-service electronic contract storage, management and approval system, enabling a smooth contract review and revision process.

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