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Director of Nursing Qualifications

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Director of Nursing Qualifications


Does The Joint Commission require a hospital’s Director of Nursing to have a Master’s Degree?


The Joint Commission addresses the qualifications of a hospital Nurse Executive (Director of Nursing) in the Nursing Standards Chapter.  TJC standards NR.01.02.01 requires the Nurse Executive to be a registered nurse in his/her state of practice.  This standard also requires the Nurse Executive to possess a postgraduate degree in nursing or related field OR the knowledge and skills associated with an advanced degree OR a written plan to obtain a postgraduate degree.  TJC states that if a hospital requires leadership peers to have an advanced degree (master’s or doctoral degree) or professional certificate, then the Nurse Executive should possess similar qualifications.

CMS regulation 482.23 requires that the Director of Nursing must be a currently licensed RN.

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