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Hero Women Rising and MCN Foundation

Hero Women Rising and MCN Foundation

Hero Women Rising aims to improve the conditions in which women and adolescent girls live in South Kivu province, eastern D.R. Congo.


To achieve this end, Hero Women Rising uses education and technology to amplify women’s voices; teach them to advocate for their rights and for the natural environment; build their economic capacity; and support the development of other community grassroots women’s organizations. Hero Women Rising programs include:



MCN Foundation is proud to be a partner of and provide support to Hero Women Rising.  


– Thank you MCN Foundation for your generous support of our work. I am sure you know that your financial support and all that you do for us, like delivering our sewing cutting machine to Kampala, are great support for our small organization. MCN is a wonderful partner and I want to say many things in appreciation of your heart toward our work. In deep gratitude with much love, I pray many blessings upon you for 2023.  – Neema Namadamu, Founder


MCN Foundation

MCN Foundation, More Care Now, mission is impower impoverished women and children around the world through healthcare, education and job skill training. Our purpose is to educate individuals, providers and organizations in developing countries around the world through healthcare education and entrepreneurial investment in order to nurture and grow healthy families and communities.

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