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Heroes mean different things to different people. A hero may be a mother or father or an athlete with strong physical abilities. Some heroes are fictionalized like Wonder Woman or Iron Man. Heroes can influence our behavior and shape who we are. We aspire to be like our heroes.  


Throughout time, there have always been heroes. People who rise during an unforeseen event and put their needs aside for the good of others.   


Life, as we have known it, has changed. This horrendous pandemic has redefined life for all of us, but it has dramatically and unequivocally changed the lives of our healthcare workers.


In today’s world of the COVID-19 pandemic, the TRUE heroes are the people risking their lives for the sake of humankind; the nurses, doctors, support staff, paramedics and others who are walking into hospitals every day to care for our families and friends.  


Our healthcare workers are forsaking their own families, risking their lives to care for those who have been less fortunate in this fight against that which we cannot see, that which is wreaking havoc on our country and the world.


Every day we see and hear the countless stories of the sacrifices healthcare workers are making, living away from their families and loved ones in order to keep them safe. Healthcare workers working long shifts, as well as extra shifts in extraordinary circumstances to care for those who are literally in the fight of their lives.  They risk their own lives to provide care, comfort and hope to those in dire need.  


As this virus separates families, we have heard stories of healthcare workers from around the country comforting dying patients.  They hold their patients’ hands and help patients and families see each other virtually. Healthcare workers are making sure that their patients know they are loved; ensuring no one is alone in their final moments.  


This is the definition of a hero.


Thank you to all the healthcare workers on the front line.  Thank you for being there.  Thank you for not giving up. Thank you for your compassion and bravery during this fight. Thank you for sacrificing your lives for ours.


You are our angels on earth.  

You are the strength of this nation.  

You are fearless in the face of fear. 

You are our heroes.




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