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A Holistic Approach to Success

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A Holistic Approach to Success


In our last blog, we discussed how important customer support is for the implementation, staff adoption, and use of policy management software.


When faced with making an investment into a software solution, it can be tempting to try and go lean to cut costs and speed roll-out efforts — especially in light of how important policy management is in healthcare. 


However, it is vital to the success of any new software implementation that all stakeholders, clinical and non-clinical, are fully bought into the benefits of the policy management solution and are given the appropriate training and ongoing support so that the software is used to ensure the current version of a policy and procedure is available to staff at all times.


The goal should always be to maintain a balance between keeping your organization in compliance and running in an operationally lean manner. That is why research into a potential vendor’s support capabilities and implementation process is as important as knowing the ins and outs of the software’s features and capabilities. 


End user and administrative support can truly be the difference in whether your investment in policy management software pays off. Every vendor promises streamlined operations with automation technologies, but far fewer can back that claim up with a holistic approach to ensuring your staff’s success. 


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