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Join Us in Celebrating Healthcare Quality Week!

Join Us in Celebrating Healthcare Quality Week!


This week is Healthcare Quality Week, and we’re celebrating the contributions our fellow healthcare professionals have made to improve the quality of care across their organizations. NAHQ defines a Healthcare Quality Professional as, “one who enhances care delivery, optimizes value and improves outcomes by leading activities in one or more of the following core quality functions: Patient Safety, Regulatory and Accreditation, Quality Review and Accountability, Performance and Process Improvement, Health Data Analytics and Population Health and Care Transitions.”


MCN Healthcare salutes these Healthcare Professionals who tirelessly work in all types of healthcare settings.


We understand the responsibilities of the Healthcare Quality Professional. We recognized, long ago, holes in the operations, policies, and procedures of healthcare organizations across the nation, thus spurring the innovation and dedication which grew into MCN Healthcare, and eventually evolved into the comprehensive policy compliance solutions we offer today. 


We will continue to work with you in maintaining compliance, managing policies, and staying updated on regulations. Are you looking to make advancements in the quality of care your healthcare organization offers? Learn more about how our solutions can help you make a difference in patient safety. 



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