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So Many Policies and Procedures, So Little Time – Why Healthcare Organizations Struggle

So Many Policies and Procedures, So Little Time – Why Healthcare Organizations Struggle


There are few jobs tougher than that of a compliance officer, regulatory accreditation manager, or policy and procedure coordinator, especially in today’s rapidly changing healthcare landscape. Your responsibilities may seem straightforward—staying ahead of regulatory changes, thoroughly and accurately updating policies, meeting laws and regulations at all times, and adhering to strict approvals and timelines. But, peeling back the curtain reveals a harsh reality—for many healthcare policy and procedure experts, there are just too many documents to manage and there is not enough time to do it effectively.


For years, hospital leadership has struggled with updating and maintaining policies and procedures. Enormous volumes of paper documents were stuffed into many cumbersome binders scattered throughout the organization.  This system made it nearly impossible for staff to have access to the most current versions of policies and procedures, and it was difficult to make critical changes quickly. 


To make matters worse, creating new policies from scratch is labor and resource-intensive for most healthcare organizations. Developing policies and procedures requires in-depth research, knowledge of regulations, organization-wide coordination and hours that no one has in today’s healthcare environment. Moreover, policies need to be reviewed and updated, as appropriate, to meet new/changing regulations and best practices. You and are your staff end up overwhelmed, pushing your organization’s compliance out of reach.


So, what are healthcare organizations to do?


Policy Management for Today’s Regulatory Compliance Experts


MCN Healthcare’s policy management solution is purpose-built with today’s—and tomorrow’s—policy management challenges in mind. Unlike other policy management software companies, MCN’s policy manager is specific to healthcare only.  We provide an all-inclusive platform for simplifying policy creation, management, approval, and implementation across every department within your organization.


The foundation of our policy management solution is Policy Manager. Policy Manager provides document control workflow management that automates policy access, review, approval and attestation throughout your organization. 


In addition, you can dramatically accelerate document creation and review with Policy Library, a comprehensive library of regulatory policies and procedures, providing hospital leaders with access to an array of easily customizable templates.

MCN’s policy management solution also includes the tools, StayAlert! and StayAlert! Plus, which help you proactively monitor changes to regulations. Rather than having to closely follow multiple resources/agencies/organizations, StayAlert! automatically notifies you when there are regulatory changes, changes in standards, best practices and recalls. Your authorized users can easily update policies in a fraction of the time that it took when the process was manually performed.    

MCN’s intelligent document management solution takes the time and guesswork out of policy management, resulting in greater efficiency, increased patient safety and fewer headaches when you’re trying to keep pace in a rapidly evolving industry. 


Learn more about how MCN Healthcare can help your organization better maintain critical vigilance for all of your organization’s policy and procedure management needs.  


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