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MCN Employees Cycle for a Cause on a Meaningful 9/11 Ride

MCN Employees Cycle for a Cause on a Meaningful 9/11 Ride

MCN employees Doug Corwine and Dana Miller began seriously bicycling five years ago.  Since then, the two have individually ridden in numerous races and charity events. When asked why they choose to cycle, both agree, “I ride because it’s fun.”

Doug, a System Administrator for MCN, and Dana, part of the MCN Customer Experience team, plan to ride in the 2016 Wacky Bike Ride, which starts and finishes just south of Denver, Colorado.  Both Dana and Doug have participated in the Wacky Bike Ride before, but this year will be the first time they get to ride the 62-mile route and climb the nearly 4,200 feet in elevation gain while commemorating September 11th.

Doug and Dana agree that this year’s Wacky Bike Ride, which happens to fall on September 11 for the first time since the event’s 2011 inauguration, carries special meaning.  The two plan to wear jerseys provided by event organizers that list the names of all those who died in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

“It will be nice to wear the names and wear the jerseys commemorating the 15 year anniversary of September 11th,” says Dana.  The Wacky Bike Ride website writes:

“The names of all those who lost their lives on 9/11 are all on the 2016 Wacky Bike Ride jersey.  When you wear the 2016 Wacky Bike Ride jersey, ride with their spirits in your heart and in your pedals.”

While the 2016 Wacky Bike Ride will commemorate 9/11, the event will benefit Denver area children.  Perhaps it’s no surprise then that Doug and Dana, who both attribute childhood biking to their current passion for cycling, will participate in the annual event.  Entry fees from this year’s ride will be donated to the Denver-based non-profit Project Recycle, which provides refurbished bicycles to local children in need.

When Doug and Dana aren’t participating in fundraising rides, these two can be spotted riding Denver’s many bike trails after work and on weekends. In fact, it’s not uncommon for Doug to be seen with his bike in the MCN hallways following his 24.1 mile ride from home to work.  Both agree that cycling has helped them lose weight and get stronger and say that the many health benefits of cycling is a prime motivator to keep riding.

These two avid cyclists encourage anyone interested in cycling to get out and enjoy riding (and wear a helmet, of course). “I wear it [a helmet],” continues Dana, “to show my daughter, Dad’s not too cool for a helmet.”

Dana’s also “not too cool” to admit that this year’s 62 mile Wacky Bike Ride will present challenges. Doug and Dana have both set personal best goals for the route’s steepest climb (over 600 foot elevation gain), which happens to land toward the course’s final stretch.

All of us here at MCN appreciate Doug and Dana for inspiring fitness and fun and especially recognize them for proudly honoring those who lost their lives on 9/11.
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