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MCN Foundation Travels to Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya – Day 2

MCN Foundation Travels to Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya – Day 2

On September 9, 2015, Amanda Valeur and Jennifer Carter-Scott from MCN Foundation, along with a team of dedicated volunteers, traveled to Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya to meet with MCN Foundation partners to align goals, conduct trainings and garner a greater understanding of what is possible with the Foundation’s support.

We will be posting blogs over the next few weeks of the MCN Foundation’s team travels so we can share what the Foundation is doing to help those who do not have access to proper healthcare.

Day 2

We were met in Addis Ababa by our friend and passionate advocate of women, Sade Lythcott.  She had the same question, “What happened and weren’t you supposed to be here yesterday?” The answer: yes.

Why Ethiopia and our reason for being here requires some preamble –  Amanda Valeur, MCN Foundation Founder and President LOVES Ethiopia, LOVES the people, and sponsors a young girl and her – at the time- unborn child from Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Education Foundation is how Amanda found out about Radiet, her plight and journey.  Radiet, 17 years old, and her son Valeur (named after Amanda), now 5 years old live in Addis Ababa.

Radiet is the sister of Giz, a well-spoken young man and direct example of the good work the Ethiopian Education Foundation is doing. Elly, MCN Healthcare’s International Sales and Business Strategy Consultant, sponsored Giz as a student from the 8th grade through high school and into college – he recently graduated with honors and is pursuing his master’s degree!. Needless to say he is a great guy. His half-sister Radiet was sold by her father at a young age for marriage to a very older man. This was done against her will at the age of 13.  That marriage was consummated, against her will, and she became pregnant. That is when Giz and Elly approached Amanda. Amanda has been sponsoring Radiet and Valeur for 6 years. This is why Amanda and MCN Foundation, MCN Healthcare and MCN Learning care about Ethiopia. It is part of our passion, our mission and our commitment to building healthier communities around the world, educating women and girls and providing hope for a better tomorrow.

Ok so New Year’s Day in Ethiopia. Some things we knew and some we didn’t:
•    It is 2008 (no idea)
•    You are supposed to wear white (we thought this was a rule – no one else followed)
•    The twist is huge in Ethiopia (no idea)
•    You eat bread to welcome the new year (no idea)
•    Lots of goats (or sheep) are killed and served on New Year’s Day – kind of like black eyed
peas just a little different (didn’t know this one either)

We had a great time with partners and friends in Addis; antics included feeling like we were getting married, Jennifer was themed as a Texas Barbie bride and Amanda a lace queen ready for her King’s arrival. Sade was continually mistaken for Ethiopian. Her complexion, beauty and lighthearted, approachable nature elicited conversations in Amharic and disbelief about her family heritage.

Ethiopia – Day 1 down = WOW!unnamed

MCN Foundation

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