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MCN Foundation Travels to Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya – Day 6

MCN Foundation Travels to Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya – Day 6

On September 9, 2015, Amanda Valeur and Jennifer Carter-Scott from MCN Foundation, along with a team of dedicated volunteers, traveled to Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya to meet with MCN Foundation partners to align goals, conduct trainings and garner a greater understanding of what is possible with the Foundation’s support.

We will be posting blogs over the next few weeks of the MCN Foundation’s team travels so that we can share what the Foundation is doing to help those who do not have access to proper healthcare.

Day 6

Good NEWS! The bag arrived at 1:15am! Woo hoooo!! And now the next step to get the bag… the adventures of traveling continue!

The agenda for today is simple; rise, shine and sit in traffic to meet our partners – Days for Girls! We are set to spend the whole day with them sitting in on their reproductive health training for 20 women who are young mothers.  These young women are in training to sell bracelets, necklaces, and handbags to support themselves and to have a better life. These women do not have a husband/partner to support them or their children – so building sustainable income is the most important thing they can do for themselves.

First day in Uganda is an early day! Up at 7am out by 8am. The traffic in Africa is horrible. All the hotels tell you to leave hours in advance of your meeting time. We have found this to be a scare tactic – and can sometimes be true but not most of the time- we arrived on time to meet the group of women from Days for Girls. Libby, who was our main contact, is not able to meet us, her mother-in-law passed and she is tending to the overwhelming obligations associated with that. So we are meeting with Olivia and Vicky! We are the girl squad – and we begin to think of ourselves as super heroes!

Ok, true confession? I woke up with a bad tummy today. Yes BAD. I think those of you who know… know! UGH. So there is that. I am in Uganda doing work for a great group and I can barely sit for very long without having to run (yes run) to the bathroom. But it is for a great cause and I am all about it! Sade is on bag collection and Amanda is holding court and speaking about MCN Foundation.

Amanda gave a lecture on menopause! As the ladies are listening to everything from safe sexual practices, female and male anatomy, puberty, disease transmission and the like they get to also hear about the “transition” – menopause. When I say this was out of a sitcom I am not kidding! It was beyond amazing!!! Amanda began by talking about what a blessing it was and how life can now be on your own time and how hormones affect your behavior. All of this being said in English (their second sometimes third language) – it was a true confession and amazing demonstration of her passion, frankness and her background as a nurse.

Also things to note:
KFC is all the rage in Uganda
DFG (Days for Girls) also makes awesome bags and luggage tags!

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