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MCN Foundation Travels to Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya – Day 7

MCN Foundation Travels to Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya – Day 7

On September 9, 2015, Amanda Valeur and Jennifer Carter-Scott from MCN Foundation, along with a team of dedicated volunteers, travelled to Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya to meet with MCN Foundation partners to align goals, conduct trainings and garner a greater understanding of what is possible with the Foundation’s support.

We will be posting blogs over the next few weeks of the MCN Foundation’s team travels so that we can share what the Foundation is doing to help those who do not have access to proper healthcare.

Day 7 – The Nile

In every city we visit, we set aside one day to experience the real magic and heart of the city.  On our first day in Uganda, Sade did a good old fashioned google search to decide what we should visit; turns would we should have done our research earlier.  The only thing that is within a day’s drive is the source of the Nile River.  Once we learned this, it was clear that we would be on a spiritual renewal.

The Nile is fed by Lake Victoria, the largest body of water on the continent. The Nile flows north to south and is the main source of commerce, transportation and information. The Nile was the first information super highway!

To me, whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, atheist or other religious/spiritual background, the source of the Nile is a big deal; a source of meaning and reverence.  It is also where Ghandi’s ashes are spread.

It was a quiet day with a long drive, a moment of reflection on the water and a local meal of fresh fish. There was not much going on other than the source so it allowed us to reflect on our work, set our intentions, and listen to what is next.


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