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MCN Foundation’s Campaign – We are grateful.

MCN Foundation’s Campaign – We are grateful.

We want to say one thing. … We are so grateful. Thank you for being part of the MCN Healthcare family.

I know that this past week, and probably for the next few weeks your email inbox will be full of people asking you to buy something, click on something, post something, or donate something. We want to say thank you for opening our email. We were one of hundreds if not thousands of emails that crowded your inbox,  but you opened ours. Thank you.

For those of you who went even further – you gave to our foundation – WOW! Again, thank you. Please connect with us, join us, follow us, and let us continue the conversation. The work we are doing is helping to make the world a better place for one girl, sister, mother, aunt and friend. Education is one of the best ways for us to be better; to be better than those who came before us, and to better the world for our children. As a mother, a sister, an aunt, a friend – thank you for standing with me.

Amanda Valeur, President and Founder of MCN Companies and MCN Foundation

Side Note: The year is not over! You can still donate.  We will be sending out another email. No donation is too small. Again, thank you.

MCN Foundation

MCN Foundation, More Care Now, mission is to increase patient care and safety through web-based healthcare education, skills building and entrepreneurial endeavors in order to promote and maintain the health of families and communities.  Our purpose is to educate individuals, providers and organizations in developing countries around the world through healthcare education and entrepreneurial investment in order to nurture and grow healthy families and communities.

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