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MCN Unveils StayAlert! Plus

MCN Unveils StayAlert! Plus

MCN Healthcare Unveils StayAlert! Plus – a Solution for Healthcare Providers That Flags Documents Affected by Regulatory Change


Healthcare Solution Helps Policy Managers Stay Compliant, Reduce Manual Efforts and Increase Efficiencies


Denver, CO – October 4, 2017  MCN Healthcare, a global healthcare policy and compliance automation provider, has announced the release of StayAlert! Plus, a first-in-industry regulatory notification matching systemStayAlert! Plus provides policy and regulatory compliance managers with real-time notifications of recalls and regulations changes, plus it flags documents for review. This proprietary solution relieves compliance leaders from manually sifting through hundreds or thousands of documents when a regulatory change occurs.


“Since the inception of digital policy documentation, comparing alerts to existing policy records has been a manual process requiring policy managers and others to spend hours searching for existing documents that may be affected by even the smallest regulatory change.  We wanted to simplify and streamline that process to help users track down documents and make the necessary updates faster. StayAlert! Plus delivers automation capabilities that save time, reduce errors, and help organizations assert greater control over their compliance activities,” stated Amanda Valeur, President and Founder of MCN Healthcare/MCN Learning, and Director of MCN Foundation.


StayAlert! Plus features proprietary matching algorithms that cross-check a document’s meta data—titles, keywords, descriptions, and standard references—with the same fields in the regulatory change and assigns a relevance score based on the matches. The solution displays the document and the related alert content side-by-side for an at-a-glance review to determine if action is needed. From this view, users can edit the document, email the alert to a colleague for further action, or ignore it if they determine no action is needed.


This integrated and automated solution eliminates guesswork and endless searching, and it allows for a more streamlined process that improves efficiency and reduces costs.


StayAlert! Plus is available as an add-on to MCN Healthcare’s renowned StayAlert! notification system, accessed exclusively with Policy Manager.



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MCN Healthcare, Inc. is the leading provider of custom policy content, workflow management software and compliance expertise for healthcare providers. Our policy management software, fully customizable policy library, regulatory notification system and learning management system have been developed specifically for the needs of healthcare professionals, by experienced healthcare and regulatory compliance professionals to be the most comprehensive compliance solutions in the industry.



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