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MCN’s Policy Management Software Solution

MCN Policy Management Software

MCN’s Policy Management Software Solution

Do you recognize the following pain points in your healthcare organization?


  • Efficiently update and create policy and procedure documents
  • No centralized system for managing policies
  • Review and approval processes vary greatly across all departments
  • Version control problems
  • Policy reviews taking months and months
  • Document access; searching for documents

MCN Healthcare’s Policy Management Software System, Policy Library and StayAlert! provides a solution!


  • Stream-line policy management activities using MCN Healthcare’s Policy Manager – MCN’s Policy Manager is a robust document control and workflow management software solution that simplifies and automates policy access, review and approval throughout a healthcare organization.
  • Policy Development Resources – MCN’s Policy Library contains more than 18,000  customizable policy, procedure and forms templates

Would you like to see these results?


  • Management of multiple policy and procedure documents with a single web-based solution
  • More collaborative policy development process
  • Version control
  • Audit Control
  • Easy access to policies and procedures for all staff

CUSTOMER COMMENTS – Meritus Medical Center

“Policy Manager has made a world of difference. People are paying attention to our policies now more than ever.”

“Everyone who works with Policy Manager loves it. Policy Manager is a greatly appreciated resource.”

“The workflows of Policy Manager have been a huge time-saver for the approval process.”

“The compliance people absolutely love the way Policy Manager handles competencies, because it helps ensure staff is accountable.”

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Regulatory Compliance Solutions for Healthcare Organizations,
Including Policy Management Software, Policy Library Templates,
StayAlert! – Regulatory Alert System, and Learning Management System

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