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Nurses Extraordinaire

Nurses Extraordinaire

MCN Healthcare staff give back in a variety of ways during the year.  One of our clinical staff recently travelled to Madagascar through the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. This group sends short term medical teams into a variety of countries to provide much needed care to rural, under-served areas.  Each team is made up of 14 members from all over the US; pastors, nurses, pharmacists, and other medical and lay persons.  We will be sharing her experiences with you over the next few weeks.

Nurses Extraordinaire

Molly is a Postpartum and Newborn nurse. She served in the National Guard and this is her third trip to Madagascar. Molly has a beautiful smile, an engaging personality, and she is very passionate about the people here and teaching the hospital staff. She interacts with many of the children at the clinic. We were lucky to observe Molly teaching the nursing staff postpartum care, care of the neonate and care of the healthy newborn.

Later, we discussed the knowledge difference between the Malagasy nurses and the U.S. nurses. An observation that Molly made was that we are opposite extremes; in Madagascar, more could be done and in the U.S., too much is done (probably due to lawsuits). It is great to share knowledge between cultures and potentially improve care delivery.

Joanna is a Gerontology Nurse Practitioner. She served in the Army and made two trips to Madagascar prior to making the decision to move. Joanna has been a resident of Antsirabe, Madagascar for the past 11 weeks. She works at the hospital gratis and has videos of some pretty amazing surgeries. Joanna is anxious to improve her language skills so she can have her own patients. One caveat, the documentation is in French.

These two nurses are amazing. They have clear goals and are going after them. They both see the need in Madagascar and have committed themselves to improving the environment here and their practice simultaneously. Honestly, this trip would not have been the same without their presence.



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