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One Health Day

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One Health Day

Today is One Health Day. One Health Day is an international campaign co-coordinated by the One Health Commission, the One Health Initiative Autonomous pro bono Team and the One Health Platform Foundation.


The goal of One Health Day is to bring attention around the world to the need for One Health interactions and for the world to ‘see them in action’. The One Health Day campaign is designed to engage as many individuals as possible from as many arenas as possible in One Health education and awareness events, and to generate an inspiring array of projects worldwide.


The CDC recognizes the One Health concept that the health of humans is connected to the health of animals and the environment. In fact, more than half of all infections that people get are spread by animals, like rabies and West Nile virus. Because antibiotic resistance can spread to and from people, animals, and even the environment (for example, surface water and soil), the CDC is taking a One Health approach to combat this threat by:


  • Participating in and acting as secretariat for the Transatlantic Taskforce on Antimicrobial Resistance (TATFAR), a collaborative effort between the U.S., Canada, Norway, and the European Union to address complex AR issues impacting human and animal health.
  • Improving our understanding of resistance through NARMS, a surveillance collaboration with FDA and USDA; and
  • Investing in and using innovative research and technology to detect new AR threats, respond to outbreaks, and determine the connection between people, animals and the environment.

On Nov. 3th and everyday, participate in One Health Day, an international campaign to bring attention to the need for a One Health approach to public health.


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