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Assessing Policies and Procedures

Are Yours What They Need To Be?

Executive Summary

The fundamental controls for an organization are its policies and procedures. It is through these that management sets their intent and guides their employees in the execution of their duties.

As important as policies and procedures are, there is a tendency in many companies to fail to keep them current with regulations, standards and evidence-based best practice, whether administrative or clinical.


To be effective, policies and procedures require certain components, and managers need to know how to approach the development, communication, and management of these essential controls. This article assists auditors in evaluating the quality and value-added aspects of policies and procedures.

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    About the Author

    Author Pamela Gustafson-Kirkwood is a renown healthcare expert who frequently writes about policies and procedures.

    Pamela Gustafson is Executive Vice President and co-founder of MCN Healthcare. Her firm is an internationally-recognized leader in healthcare policy and procedure development, policy management and online learning for more than 30 years. Pamela has experience in the healthcare industry, including managing editor of MCN publications and a regulatory compliance consultant in the areas of risk and safety.

    Pamela Gustafson-Kirkwood

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