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Policy and Procedure Development

Policy and Procedure Development

Development, implementation and maintenance of your organization’s policies and procedures plays a huge part in patient safety.  Let MCN Healthcare help.

The development and management of policies is important in healthcare. Comprehensive development and management of policies and procedures is fundamental to providing consistent communication, minimization of compliance risks and ensuring patient safety.

MCN’s Policy Manager software is a robust document control and workflow management software solution that simplifies and automates policy access, review and approval throughout a healthcare organization.

MCN’s Policy Manager:

Characteristics of policy management software include:

  • User-friendly implementation
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Simple process for importing and uploading existing policies and procedures
  • On-line access that does not require on-site dedicated IT resources for support
  • Edit, share and workflow approval functions
  • More collaborative policy development process
  • Version control
  • Audit control
  • A tiered system for users which creates different levels of access and control
  • Automated archiving
  • Easy access to policies and procedures for all staff

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MCN’s Policy Library:

MCN’s Policy Library includes more than 18,000 customizable policy, procedure and forms templates authored by MCN clinical staff. Every MCN Policy Library document is up-to-date and instantly downloadable. With more than 28 years of direct healthcare policy experience behind it, Policy Library helps you stay compliant with accreditation and regulatory requirements.

Want to read more about policy and procedure development and maintenance?  Click on Policies and Procedures: Are Yours What They Need to Be? New Perspectives, Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors, 2011


Regulatory Compliance Solutions for Healthcare Organizations,
Including Policy Management Software, Policy Library Templates,
StayAlert! – Regulatory Alert System, and Learning Management System




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