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When Your Policy Management Software Fails You

Policy Management Software

When Your Policy Management Software Fails You


You manage hundreds of policies and procedures for your healthcare organization.  It is very time consuming but so very important. Looking for a little help is understandable.


Automation software can help make your job and life much easier by simplifying document processes and workflows to drive efficiency and reduce patient risk.


But not all software is created equal. As the demand for automation continues to grow in the healthcare space, so does the need for a better user experience. Today’s healthcare professionals expect the latest technologies to help them be more efficient and enhance patient safety. They also expect to see a return on their investment.


Nevertheless, many policy management software vendors are failing their customers; appearing content to just provide basic functionality with low-level support, leaving users to fend for themselves.


Instead, to drive real value—simplifying and automating workflows and processes, improving compliance, and managing risk—policy management software vendors must offer ongoing healthcare-specific enhancements and more engaged, interactive, and in-depth support for their customers at implementation and beyond.


Customer Support Should Be Comprehensive, Not Conditional

Tossing out manual processes or disparate applications in favor of an all-encompassing system is a huge decision and crucial to surviving (and thriving) in the digital age. But deploying new software isn’t a matter of just flipping a switch. It requires planning, coordination, and an in-depth understanding of how it will work with an organization’s existing systems and processes. It’s easier than you think.


Many vendors offer support during the implementation process, working with your IT department to install the software and once that is finished so is the support.


After implementation, Compliance Directors, CNOs, Educators are often left to wonder How can we encourage buy-in? How should our staff be trained? What do we do when there is staff turnover? 


Comprehensive customer support doesn’t stop with the login screen. While most software vendors rely on self-service support through FAQs or up-sell “premium” support after implementation, software vendors worth their salt will deliver end-to-end support for the life of your relationship with:


  • A dedicated implementation specialist who will be there from the initial consult until go-live, with weekly touchpoint calls and other regular communication. The dedicated specialist answers questions, eases anxiety, and provides encouragement.
  • Training, both during the implementation, and afterwards in a role-based capacity when users are “let loose” to use the software in a real-world setting.
  • A customer support team available post implementation to answer questions quickly through multiple channels—chat, phone calls, and emails.
  • Continuing education to bring customers up-to-date with new functionality and to keep training documentation and processes up-to-date.


When Products Fall Short

Providing high-touch, comprehensive support is an essential component to any successful customer relationship. Of course, having a product that delivers on the vendor’s promise is too.


Policy management vendors make big promises, but you might be surprised to learn that most vendors offer only workflow processes and archiving to create an audit trail.


In fact, only one policy management software company offers document management software AND a library of healthcare policies and procedures to download and customize. Using policy and procedure templates saves enormous time by not having to create (or re-create) documents from scratch. More importantly, it helps assure compliance since the templates are authored by regulatory experts and meet CMS regulations, Joint Commission and DNV standards as well as other accrediting organization standards.


Building a comprehensive policy library takes money, time, effort and expertise. Many policy management software vendors simply aren’t willing—or able—to take on that responsibility and cost. Yet this rich service offering is exactly what policy managers need to do their jobs efficiently.


End-to-End with MCN

MCN Healthcare’s Document Compliance Management Software Solutions—the only healthcare-specific policy management solution—addresses several concerns around customer support and product value, including a commitment to full-scale customer service and a one-of-a-kind Policy Library. The MCN Solution is all encompassing:  Policy Manager, Policy Library, StayAlert! (emails addressing regulatory changes), Learning Management System and Content and Contract Manager.


We’re not just a healthcare software company, we’re a people company dedicated to listening and responding to our customers. We actively look for ways to improve our products, collaborate with our customers, address emerging concerns, and meet future requirements.


Policy management software users want simple, intuitive functionality without sacrificing patient safety and IT security. With MCN’s Policy Manager, all documents are accessible in Word without the need for additional plug-ins. At the same time, we offer dedicated resources to provide step-by-step guidance in setting up workflows and role-based access permissions to ensure the most current policies and procedures are available to users.


Our forward-thinking approach allows us to forecast shifts in the healthcare industry and to quickly adapt. We continually improve our products and assess our customer interactions—all to deliver a uniquely personalized experience worthy of your time, resources, and trust.


MCN Healthcare is dedicated to building long-lasting relationships so that our customers are successful and thrive.


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