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Meritus Medical Center Case Study

Hospital Seeks Alternative to Intranet to Manage Policies, Procedures, Forms and Other Documents

The Challenge

As with any other medical center, Meritus has thousands of policies and guidelines to keep its operations in compliance with internal needs and regulatory agency requirements. These documents were stored on an internal intranet.

Keeping documentation up to date, collecting approval signatures, and simply searching for needed information all proved frustrating.

The Solution

“I would receive numerous phone calls asking where to locate a particular policy,” said Denise Appel, Policy and Procedure Coordinator at Meritus Medical Center.

“We had limited searching capability with our intranet. For approvals, rather than using interdepartmental mail, I went desk-to-desk to collect approval signatures to prevent documents from being lost in the process. Time was lost and frustration was high. We absolutely needed a better system.”

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