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Raising Awareness for National Blood Donor Month

Raising Awareness for National Blood Donor Month


January is National Blood Donor Month and a critical time for raising awareness. According to the American Red Cross, Winter is one of the most difficult times of year to collect enough blood to meet patient needs. Due to busy schedules, unpredictable weather, and seasonal illnesses like the flu, potential donors are less likely to go to blood collection centers during the colder months.


National Blood Donor Month has taken place every January since 1970. As we enter the 50th year of recognizing this observance, we invite all of our community to take part in making a difference.  Donating blood saves lives!


The Red Cross requires more than 13,000 donations daily to maintain the blood supply and keep it available to meet the needs of around 2,600 hospitals, clinics and cancer centers across the country. We encourage you to celebrate National Blood Donor Month by donating in the spirit of helping others who need it most and inspiring others to donate and create a positive impact in your community. 



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