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September is Sepsis Awareness Month

Sepsis Awareness

September is Sepsis Awareness Month



In 2011, Sepsis Alliance designated September as Sepsis Awareness Month. Sepsis is the body’s life-threatening response to infection that affects 107 million people and takes 270,000 lives in the U.S. Sepsis is the leading cause of deaths in U.S. hospitals. More than 80% of sepsis patients are 50 years of age or older.  Older adults, especially those who are over 65 years old, are particularly susceptible to sepsis. 


As many as 80% of sepsis deaths could be prevented with early detection and treatment. For every hour treatment is delayed, the risk of death increases by as much as 8%.


Take the time to learn the signs of sepsis. You could save a life.




T = Temperature (higher or lower than normal)

I = Infection (may have signs and symptoms of infection)

M = Mental Decline (confused, sleepy, difficult to rouse)

E = Extremely Ill (severe pain, discomfort, shortness of breath)


Sepsis doesn’t only affect adults – it can have devastating consequences for children too. Each year, approximately 75,000 children develop sepsis in the United States alone. That’s more than 200 children per day. Signs and symptoms in children include:


Any child who:

  • Feels abnormally cold to the touch
  • Looks mottles, bluish or has very pale skin
  • Has a rash that does not fade when pressed
  • Is breathing very fast
  • Has a seizure
  • Is very lethargic or difficult to wake up


A child under 5 who:

  • Is not eating
  • Is vomiting repeatedly
  • Has not urinated in 12 hours


If you or a person you know is experiencing any of the above symptoms, call 911 immediately.


This Sepsis Awareness Month, you are invited you to take the TIME to help save lives. 



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