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StayAlert! Plus

Integrates StayAlert! Notifications With Policy Manager To Match Regulatory Alerts To Relevant Policies And Procedures

StayAlert! Plus

Match Alerts To Relevant Documents And Easily Take Action

MCN Healthcare makes a big leap in regulatory notifications with first-in-the-industry StayAlert! Plus. StayAlert! Plus integrates the StayAlert! notification system with Policy Manager to provide potentially relevant matches between StayAlert! notices and your policies and procedures residing in Policy Manager.

Side-By-Side Review

After document matches are found in your Policy Manager, StayAlert! Plus shows the alert side-by-side with the document(s), allowing you to review at a glance and confirm if action is needed. From this view, you have access to edit the document, ignore the alert if you determine no action is needed, or email the alert to a colleague.

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Greater Efficiency With StayAlert! Plus – The Next Level in Regulatory Notifications

To stay on top of regulatory changes and accrediting organization standards, an alert system is a requirement these days. But with time, resources, and process constraints increasingly affecting how well healthcare organizations can manage and update their policies and procedures, alert systems now need to do more than just alert.


StayAlert! Plus is available as an add-on to MCN Healthcare’s renowned StayAlert! notification system, accessed exclusively with Policy Manager.

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MCN Healthcare Is The Only Company To Provide A Comprehensive Regulatory Email Notification Service!

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