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StayAlert! to Stay Compliant

StayAlert! to Stay Compliant


There is nothing like a national public health emergency to highlight the challenges of regulatory compliance for hospitals and other health care facilities. Compliance Officers and compliance departments have been working nonstop these last months to support their organization’s need to balance a quick, prompt and safe response with the need to comply with the myriad of new regulatory waivers and exemptions that have been a core part of pandemic response. Whether it is ensuring that organizations are complying with CDC infection control recommendations, meeting HIPAA obligations while also communicating with public health authorities, or complying with new data reporting requirements, compliance professionals are hard at work. At times it can feel overwhelming. 


According to a 2017 American Hospital Association study, “An average size hospital dedicates 59 FTEs to regulatory compliance, over one-quarter of which are doctors and nurses.”  That is a lot of resources to dedicate under normal conditions let alone during a national pandemic that is stretching healthcare resources to the limit.


This is where MCN Healthcare’s StayAlert! can help support your regulatory compliance!


The clinical experts at StayAlert! can help reduce an organization’s compliance burden by monitoring and interpreting regulatory changes from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Office of Inspector General (OIG), Office for Civil Rights (OCR) and more. We also monitor national accreditation bodies such as The Joint Commission and DNV Healthcare. Our experts let you hit the ground running by monitoring and reviewing regulatory and accreditation body changes, sending you an email alert with a summary of those changes, and including compliance tools to help you quickly respond to those changes. 


Not only will you know that OCR is reminding covered entities of the continued applicability of federal civil rights laws during the COVID-19 pandemic, but you will also get an example Triage Policy that reflects Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Section 1557 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  Our compliance tools – whether policies, implementation checklists or best practice guidance – are all easily adaptable to your organization. 


Simply put – StayAlert! allows you to Stay Complaint!


The key to compliance success is not only having regulatory and accreditation body information readily available but also having tools at your fingertips – tools that are adaptable and customizable for your organizational needs. 


StayAlert! is here for all of your regulatory compliance needs – consider a Free Trial today!




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