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MCN Healthcare, Inc. is the leading provider of custom policy content, document management software and compliance expertise for healthcare providers.


Our Policy Management Software, fully customizable Policy Library, Regulatory Notification System, Learning Management System, and Contract Manager have been developed specifically for the needs of healthcare organizations, by experienced healthcare  and regulatory compliance professionals. This suite is the most comprehensive compliance solution in the healthcare industry.

MCN Foundation

Creating Healthier Communities Around the World


Based on the belief that health is a basic human right, MCN Foundation seeks to empower communities to take control of their health and to establish a vibrant and participatory healthcare system made up of communities, health workers and governments.


Knowledge is the core product of MCN Foundation’s activities. MCN Foundation implements projects to learn and then shares this evidence-based knowledge with others to increase and promote healthcare-based education, empowerment and job creation in rural and developing regions.

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Healthcare policies have been around for a long time. We work to re-imagine them year after year…

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