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Policy Manager

A Robust Healthcare Policy Management Software Solution
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How Can MCN’s ellucid® Policy Manager Help Your Organization?

Save. Streamline. Be Compliant

Policy Manager’s robust document control workflow management software solution automates policy access, review, approval and attestation throughout your organization. Manager-assigned competencies track your staff’s knowledge of policies and procedures. Easy to implement and intuitive to manage, the program’s automated tracking and reporting ensure audit and accreditation compliance.

Achieve Staff Compliance

With MCN’s Policy Management Software, your staff are able to access the most current policies and procedures with our robust search functionality. Manager-assigned competencies track your staff’s knowledge of policies and procedures.

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Policy Manager Features

Easily Search, Update and Manage Your Policies and Procedures
Policy Manager Features
Online 24/7 Access to Policies and Procedures
Automation of the Policy Approval Workflow Process
Auto-archiving and Version Control
Robust Search
Real-time Audit Trail for Each Document
Competency Assessments
Automated Tracking and Reporting
Cloud Hosting and Tech Support Provided by MCN Healthcare
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See Why Policy Manager Is The Most Robust Policy Management Software For The Healthcare Industry!