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Our Founders

Meet Our Founders

MCN Healthcare Founders Recognized the Urgent Need for Healthcare Organizations

to Comply with Changing Regulations, Thereby Increasing Patient Safety and Avoiding Risk

Our Story

May 1, 1987

Amanda and Pam worked in the same trauma center before founding their consulting company, Medical Consultants Network (MCN) in May of 1987. As they were providing consulting services to healthcare organizations across the United States, they realized the need for policies and procedures.


As they developed policies and procedures for their clients, the need arose for policy and procedure manuals.  MCN’s policy and procedure manuals have evolved from hard copy manuals to floppy discs and CDs to the current on-line subscription service.


MCN’s StayAlert! regulatory email notifications were developed in response to customers’ need for an alert system that provides notices addressing regulatory changes, best practices, and recalls. StayAlert! notices also provide example policies and procedures that are created to meet the specifics of the information in the notice.


As Medical Consultants Network grew, customers asked for a Policy Management Software System. Medical Consultants Network became MCN Healthcare  – a healthcare software company introducing a new product —  MCN’s Policy Manager —  a robust workflow and document control management system.


MCN Learning was then developed providing a learning management system platform and educational content.

Recently, MCN Healthcare announced additional new products — Contract Manager and StayAlert! Plus — to expand the Document Management Software Solutions Suite.


Through perseverance, hard work and the desire to help healthcare organizations provide safe, quality healthcare, MCN is a stable innovative company. Our journey continues with many high-growth opportunities ahead of us. We look forward to our exciting future!

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