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Contract Manager

Automate And Simplify Your Contract Management Process

Key Functionality and Benefits of MCN’s Contract Manager

Streamlines Contract Management Workflows

MCN Healthcare’s Contract Manager simplifies and automates the process of creating, editing, approving and signing contracts.  Users can easily create new contracts, using their own contract templates for approval, while notifications remind users when existing contracts are coming up for renewal.


C- Suite, Compliance Officers, Supply Chain Directors, HR Managers and legal teams are ensured every contract is handled correctly and efficiently, without missed steps or misplaced information.

Audit Trail

With MCN’s Contract Management Software, each edit and comment is captured along the way, establishing an audit trail of every step in the contract management and approval process.  Users can confirm who has looked at the contract, what changes were made, which comments may need further review and whose signatures are needed.

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Contract Manager Features

Automate And Simplify Your Contract Management Process.
Contract Manager Features
Robust Search Functionality
Automation of the Contract Approval Workflow Process
Create, Edit and Approve All Contracts
Designate User Permissions In a Secure System
Online Collaboration and Negotiation
Include the Right Signatories at Crucial Points
Stay on Top of Critical Deadlines
All Hosting and Tech Support Provided by MCN Healthcare

Automate And Simplify Your Contract Management Process.

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