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The MCN Solution

Your Complete Software Solution for Healthcare Document Management and Compliance
ellucid® Policy Manager

A Dynamic Healthcare Policy Management Software Solution


Policy Manager’s intelligent document control and workflow management software solution automates policy access, review, approval and attestation throughout your organization.


Manager-assigned competencies track your staff’s knowledge of policies and procedures. Easy to implement and intuitive to manage, the policy management software’s automated tracking and reporting features ensure audit and regulatory compliance.

Policy Library

The Most Comprehensive Healthcare Policy and Procedure Library Available


MCN’s Policy Library is the most efficient way to develop new policies or review existing policies and procedures; it is the most extensive policy and procedure template library available.


With more than 36 years of direct healthcare experience, Policy Manager and Policy Library empowers healthcare organizations to stay compliant with regulatory and accreditation requirements. The result — enhanced patient care and outcomes.


Policy Library is only available with MCN Healthcare’s policy management software.


StayAlert! Supports Your Regulatory Compliance


StayAlert! email notifications provide a review of key compliance-related information. Customizable example policies, procedures, and other tools are provided as a part of the StayAlert! notice as applicable.


React quickly to changes in regulations, accreditation organization standards, best practices and FDA recalls using MCN Healthcare’s StayAlert!

StayAlert! Plus

Achieve Greater Efficiency with StayAlert! Plus – The Next Level in Regulatory Notifications


MCN Healthcare makes a big leap in regulatory notifications with the first-in-the-industry StayAlert! Plus. StayAlert! Plus integrates the StayAlert! notification system with Policy Manager to provide potentially relevant matches between StayAlert! notices and your policies and procedures residing in Policy Manager.


StayAlert! Plus displays alerts side-by-side with a document, allowing you to review the document and alert and take action as needed. From this view, you have access to edit the document, share the alert with colleagues, and stay on the frontlines of regulatory compliance.

Contract Manager

Streamline Contract Management Workflows


MCN Healthcare’s Contract Manager simplifies and automates the process of creating, editing, approving and signing contracts. Users can easily create new contracts, using their own contract templates for approval, while notifications remind users when new or existing contracts need to be reviewed.


Leadership is assured that every contract is handled efficiently and without miss-steps or misplaced information. Each edit and comment is captured along the way, establishing an audit trail of every step in the contract management and approval process.

Web-Based Learning

MCN Healthcare’s Web-based Training is Affordable, Intuitive and Comprehensive


MCN’s intuitive web-based training system and content allows you to easily plan, assign, test, track, and report on education activities, both online and instructor-led.


Automatic tracking and reporting will save your organization labor, reduce administrative work and provide the most efficient way to onboard and train staff.


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