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Hospitals Against Violence Day of Awareness

Hospitals Against Violence

Hospitals Against Violence Day of Awareness


Hospitals Against Violence Day of Awareness is June 8th#HAVhope will focus national attention on ending all forms of violence.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention more than 3 million people are hospitalized and 27 million people are treated in emergency rooms because of violence and injuries each year. Violence and injuries cost more than $671 billion in medical care and lost productivity each year.


The American Hospital Association wants to bring attention to ending all forms of violence through a digital media campaign – shared tweets, photo posts on social media for example.  Your hospital can participate by:


In 2015 the AHA published Hospital Approaches to Interrupt the Cycle of Violence Guide.  In this guide the AHA defines a nine-step process that healthcare organizations can take to begin intervening.

  1. Define the problem
  2. Pinpoint risk and resilience factors
  3. Identify community partners
  4. Prioritize needs
  5. Determine the target population
  6. Identify resources
  7. Assess the hospital’s role
  8. Plan interventions
  9. Measure results


 “Our communities must work together to combat all forms of violence, now viewed as one of the major public health and safety issues throughout the country,” American Hospital Association.


Hospitals Against Violence Topics


#HAVhope Friday:  Day of Awareness

Workplace Violence

Street and Gang Violence

Combating Human Trafficking


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