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MCN Policy Manager: Enhance Operational Efficiency and Meet Compliance at Your Convenience

MCN Policy Manager: Enhance Operational Efficiency and Meet Compliance at Your Convenience


We all know that healthcare professionals are short on time. Policy management requires many hours of work and without the proper system in place, precious time is wasted as you manually track paper trails searching for policies. As a result, more healthcare organizations are making the switch to automated policy management software, but with many policy management software companies in the market, choosing a suitable software solution is harder than ever. It’s estimated that up to 70% of technology projects fail due to limited user engagement, as well as inadequate training and educational materials after the software’s launch, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Our comprehensive software solutions are designed for healthcare professionals, by healthcare experts. Streamline policy management workflows, educate your staff on new and updated policies, and ensure compliance with us by your side every step of the way during implementation and after.


Policy Manager’s functionality is optimized for your convenience, providing 24/7 access to policies and procedures, policy approval workflow automation, version control, dynamic search capabilities, real-time audits for each document, competency assessments, automated tracking and reporting, as well as cloud hosting and tech support across all devices. Policy Manager is a part of MCN’s Compliance Suite that includes Policy Library and StayAlert!, giving you access to advanced capabilities for keeping your organization compliant. 


Policy Library is the only policy and procedure template library available for healthcare with 75+ manuals and more than 18,000 customizable documents. Moreover, StayAlert! email notifications provide additional support with reviews of key regulatory changes and FDA recalls, allowing your healthcare organization to maintain compliance by updating applicable policies and procedures as soon as possible.


At MCN, we recognize that patients are your first priority, and we’ll do everything to help you provide them the quality care they deserve. Policy Manager is the leading software solution for healthcare organizations across the globe. Are you curious about how Policy Manager fits in with your healthcare organization? Schedule a demo today! 



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