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Pain Points

MCN Policy Management Software

Do you recognize the following pain points in your healthcare organization?


  • Efficiently update and create policy and procedure documents
  • No centralized system for managing policies
  • Review and approval processes vary greatly across all departments
  • Version control problems
  • Policy reviews taking months and months
  • Document access; searching for documents

MCN Healthcare’s Policy Management Software System, Policy Library and StayAlert! provides a solution!


  • Stream-line policy management activities using MCN Healthcare’s Policy Manager – MCN’s Policy Manager is a robust document control and workflow management software solution that simplifies and automates policy access, review and approval throughout a healthcare organization.
  • Policy Development Resources – MCN’s Policy Library contains more than 18,000 customizable policy, procedure and forms templates

Would you like to see these results?


  • Management of multiple policy and procedure documents with a single web-based solution
  • More collaborative policy development process
  • Version control
  • Audit Control
  • Easy access to policies and procedures for all staff

CUSTOMER COMMENTS – Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center

“With Policy Manager, MCN Healthcare has provided us a policy management system that’s light years ahead of what we had previously. Every part of the process, from locating policies to tracking them through the approval and beyond, can be done faster and more accurately than before.”

           “With policies in multiple formats and stages of readiness and quality, it was so nice to
simply access the MCN Policy Library to find exactly what we needed.”

“Our approval process now involves representatives from every department that will be affected by a particular policy.  The system automatically alerts the right staff members by email when it is their turn to review a policy.  MCN has made collaboration so much easier, which has allowed us to develop more accurate policy documents much faster than we ever could before.”

         “With MCN’s Policy Manager, department leaders and staff are saving significant time
whenever a policy is accessed, updated, reviewed and approved.”

“And their customer service is unbeatable; they walked us through the entire process of over hauling and converting our entire policy domain.”

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Regulatory Compliance Solutions for Healthcare Organizations,
Including Policy Management Software, Policy Library Templates,
StayAlert! – Regulatory Alert System, and Learning Management System


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