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Our Story So Far— Who Is MCN?

Our Story So Far— Who Is MCN?

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At MCN Healthcare, our background in the healthcare industry has always fueled our ambitions to act with dedication and resolve towards providing patients with quality care. Our founders, Amanda Valeur and Pam Gustafson, were co-workers at a trauma center when they started their healthcare consulting company. They recognized a huge gap in the operations of healthcare organizations – policies and procedures. With a newfound focus, they would lay the foundation for MCN Healthcare in May of 1987.


The need for healthcare policies and procedures spurred Amanda and Pam’s passion and drive for evolving the way organizations stay compliant with regulatory standards, thus providing safe, quality patient care. Since the inception of MCN Healthcare, Amanda and Pam have done what it takes to provide healthcare organizations the solutions they need, from writing hard copy policies on a typewriter and hand-delivering them to their clients, to evolving MCN Healthcare into the well-rounded policy management subscription service that we offer today. 


As we made advancements in technology, we added to our catalog of software solutions, starting with Policy Manager to improve workflows and cross-organization document management. From there, we released Policy Library and StayAlert! regulatory email notifications, as well as eLearning, an intuitive web-based training program with content for staff education. More recently, we’ve added to our lineup of healthcare solutions by introducing StayAlert! Plus, integrating the StayAlert! Notification System with Policy Manager to improve healthcare organization’s compliance, and Contract Manager, a program that streamlines contract management workflows.


As leaders in software solutions developed for healthcare, we look forward to steadily advancing policy management and compliance in organizations across the globe. Our team of healthcare experts are focused on one thing only, healthcare, as we remain devoted to providing software solutions that ensure you meet compliance so patients can be your utmost priority. Are you interested in our software solutions? Schedule a demo today! 



Regulatory Compliance Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

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